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Sloppy Joes, but not the New Orleans kind

Has anyone heard of a Sloppy Joe? In Madison, NJ there was a deli on Main Street called Piccolos that made a sandwith they called the Sloppy Joe. Far from the loose meat or oyster stufffed sandwiches served in the midwest and the south, this was a deli sandwich, and perhaps the closest any diner got to the near-mythical Dagwood sandwich, found only Carnegie Deli type establishments and of course the Sunday comics. This sandwich is comprised of three slices of rye bread, heaped with cole slaw, turkey, ham or roast beef, swiss cheese and heroic proportions of 1000 Islands dressing,  and should rise about three to four inches above the sandwich paper it’s wrapped in. Now, Piccolos no longer exists, but Main Street Subs, run by Ralph Artiglere, serves a Sloppy Joe that commands respect.  I’m looking for a place anywhere west of the Mississippi River that makes this sandwich.

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