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What is Jersey Soul Food, you ask?

Jersey Soul Food is simple and delicious food prepared and eaten in uncomplicated settings which at its best should remind the diner of the splendors of Bayonne, the grandeur of Jersey City, or wherever their favorite spots in the Garden State happen to be. These joints are legion and the fare is varied. Jersey Soul Food is what we like to call urban rustic.
Jersey Soul Food is a submarine sandwich from Marzullo’s in Montclair or thin crust pizza from Star Tavern in Orange. It’s an Italian hotdog from Dicky Dee’s or Stretch’s Chicken from The Belmont Tavern, both in Newark. Though it leans towards Italian, it’s also charbroiled burgers at Michael’s Roscommon House in Bellville, Texas Weiners on Rte. 22 in Greenbrook, and a sloppy joe from Main Street Subs, in Madison. Breakfast in New Jersey wouldn’t be complete without Taylor Ham, a product of Trenton and the best kept secret in the country. All these are paradigms of Jersey Soul Food.
When choosing to dine in a Jersey Soul Food endorsed establishment, be safe in knowing that when ordering a seafood submarine you’ll know full well before you sink you choppers into it that mayonnaise and Charlie the Tuna are quarantined in Wonderbread land. What you’ll find between the quality roll (most likely from the bakery down the street) is calamari, shrimp, octopus, with plenty of oil, garlic, and oregano.
This blog is dedicated to New Jerseyites living out of state who need to locate or can recommend a place that tastes like home. For the curious who’ve never visited New Jersey, don’t be afraid; jump in, the cannoli’s fine.. So write in and share with us what you’ve found around the country—somebody driving through Nebraska with a jones for calamari might need your help.
Happy hunting, my friends, and may your appetite rest in peace.

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