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I need to find a hot dog in Texas!!!

Hello! Anybody out there? I moved from Jersey, Newark to be specific,  to what they call the metroplex, a huge conglomeration of highways and towns that surrounds Dallas and I suppose Ft. Worth (like Hudson County is to Manhattan, except with oil money),  and though I’m pretty much an expert on Texas barbecue by now, or bar-b-q, or what some places down here might think about calling char-b-cue, (but that’s anogther gripe for another time), the problem is if I can’t find a decent hot dog in Dallas I think I’m going go bananas. Now don’t get me wrong, the barbecue places in Texas have great smoked sausage. In fact, some equals the kielbasa from Myron’s butcher shop in Jersey City. Myron closed its doors a few years ago, causing every Eastern European within driving distance to cry, but again, another time for that.  What I’m looking for is a place that could give Dickie Dee’s or Rutt’s Hut–or even the holy grail of chili dogs, served only at Canzano’s in Jersey City–a run for there money. Another joint that has gone the way of the dinosaur, Canzano’s was a gin mill on Garfield down by Liberty State Park. Run by Tommy Canzano, the one-armed cook, bartender, and owner, Canzano’s was known by many aficianados and the chili on the dogs was not for eating, but for slathering on whatever kind of dog he cooked–sorry I can’t remember–Tommy also poured big drinks, but at least he fried them and didn’t boil them. Anyway, I need a hot dog place say within a twenty mile radius of Dallas, preferably in Dallas itself. Italian hot dog preferably, but something deep fried, finished on the grill, with the option of real sauerkraut, chili, or whatever. If I go to place with ketchup and mustard in one of those little plastic pouches I’ll freak.  And another thing:  Don’t reply if you like the dogs at Hot Dog Johnny’s in Butzville, everybody knows they’d lame.  So, anybody out there got something?

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